Folding stock module GE I w/ CTR type stock - SOLD OUT!

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Our top favoured combination of body stock with our Folding stock module for very good money.


  1. allows to operate bolt carrier with stock folded
  2. adjustable stock height without the need of cheek rest; 16mm for straight stock
  3. allows to mount a door breacher on the tube's end - rugged steel joint will withstand it
  4. allows installation of watertight storage compartment for batteries
  5. stock can be unfolded one-handed
  6. lengthens total stock length up to 315mm
  7. highly durable steel sling loop
  8. stock is coaxial with barrel +/-
  9. allows to fully operate the rifle with stock folded

More details about our folding stock module you can find here.

The body stock is not original Magpul.


Basic information
Vendor: Gunexpert
Weight: 0,72
Warranty (months): 24
Product no.: AD182

Fotogalerie: Folding stock module w/ CTR type stock


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